Monopoly Live

Monopoly Live by Evolution Gaming takes the excitement and suspense of their world leading money wheel game and adds unique Monopoly game elements.

As well as offering the chance to bet on the wheel stopping on a certain number, the wheel incorporates "CHANCE" segments for instant cash wins and multipliers, and also "2 ROLLS" and "4 ROLLS" segments. These latter segments activate a captivating augmented reality, 3D bonus game built around the adventures of Mr. Monopoly.

When the bonus game is activated, qualifying players join Mr. Monopoly around the board for the chance to land on big cash multipliers. The walk is determined by a live set of dice to ensure the game is truly random. All the familiar Monopoly board elements are here from GO, chance and community chest, houses and hotels as well as jail and super tax.

Shown below is a video preview of actual game play and what to expect when playing Live Monopoly.

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Key benefits when playing Live Monopoly:

• Unique and exciting casino variant based on the worlds most famous board game.

• Visually impressive game and highly interactive thanks to the 3D world and Mr. Monopoly.

Chance to win big cash multipliers particularly as you progress around the Monopoly board.

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Here are some screenshots showing the Monopoly money wheel and Monopoly bonus game board.

Monopoly Live 1

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Monopoly Live 2

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Monopoly Live 3

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Monopoly Live 4

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Monopoly Live 5

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Monopoly Live 6

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Monopoly Live 7

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Monopoly Live 8

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